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Photoneco Ltd. is a R&D and consulting company registered in England.

It provides engineering and deployment of advanced photovoltaic systems, LED lighting and telecommunication networks. We offer consulting services, training/learning and generation of high technology intellectual property in the fields of photonics, optical communications, lighting and photovoltaics. 


Our expertise includes:

o Design and deployment of last generation photovoltaic systems

o Telecommunication networks modeling, design and deployment

o Scientific Software design and development

o Supply of low cost LED lighting systems for the home and the office

o High-tech training/learning activity

o Cisco-certified networking experience

o Ph.D. level research, development and engineering services.

Photoneco's background ranges from advanced photonics and photovoltaics to large bandwidth optical telecommunications, from network architecture, design and planning to software development for the engineering.

Photoneco offers low cost, high-tech experts that are available to take on a whole the product development or to assist you in a particular phase of a project.


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For any information, please contact Photoneco at:

or refer to:    Mario Zitelli, Ph.D.


                   Phone:    +39 349 3133142


Photoneco Ltd. Registered in England no. 8465662

Operative office: Via Alessandro Codivilla 11, 00152 - Rome, ITALY

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